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Standard Diagnostic Feline Blood Tests and
What They Cost at My Cat Clinic



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The feline blood test costs may differ at your cat clinic so talk with your veterinarian and ask about the different panels, what they mean, what they recommend and how much they charge.

Your veterinarian may not always offer extensive blood test panels because they are accustomed to people not wanting to pay extra money, but my thought is if they are already drawing the blood, we might as well take a look at everything that is going on AND it’s good to have baseline blood test values to compare year-to-year (or month to month in some cases). If you want more extensive results, ask your veterinarian what options you have for feline blood tests so that you can have a full picture of what is going on.

Chem 6 Panel is the initial test my veterinarian performs to check the kidneys, liver blood protein levels and glucose. My veterinarian charges $32.50 for this test.

Chem 12 Panel is the Chem 6 plus checking important electrolyte and mineral values such as sodium, chloride, potassium and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. This test is important, for example, for a kitty with chronic renal failure who is receiving subcutaneous fluids. (This test is also important for a kitty who is suffering from dehydration. You may be able to request a separate electrolyte panel in this case.)My veterinarian charges $46.50 for this test.

CBC – The "Complete Blood Count" tests how well the body is producing red blood cells and white blood cells. This checks for anemia, infection, inflammation, cancer, etc. My veterinarian charges $25.00 for this test.



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