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Cuisinart Food Processors
for blending cat food in preparation for feeding syringe



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I use one of the better Cuisinart Food Processors to blend canned cat food to make sure there are no clumps or lumps that might clog my feeding syringe. I don't use the cheaper food chopper because it just doesn't blend the cat food well enough. Nor do I use the most expensive ones.

There's nothing worse that having a good assisted feeding session ruined by a clogged feeding syringe. When your syringe gets clogged, you will tend to push the plunger harder than normal and the food can dangerously shoot too far back in your kitty's throat increasing the risk of choking. Or, the feeding syringe might become completely blocked and your assisted feeding session is over.

When the food is blended in a quality blender, the food becomes super smooth. All the particles get going in the same direction and flow better out of a syringe.

I like using the cuisinart food processors because I can easily remove the blade and get most of the food out of the bowl with a spatula. If you like to cook at all, you'll find tons of uses for your own food as well.

Cuisinart Food Processors

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