Puzzled cat sitting in front of food bowl containing very large fish.

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  • What do you feed your cat(s)? It's okay to give us brand names!
  • Why did you choose that brand?
  • What brand(s) would you avoid, and why?
  • Do you prefer a particular feeding protocol (raw, holistic, natural, etc)? If so (or not), why?
  • Do you prefer canned or dry? Explain your choice.
  • Fish - should cats have fish in their diets? Explain your answer.
  • Wild foods - should our inside cats be allowed to eat mice and other rodents occasionally? Explain your answer.
  • If yours is a multi-cat household, tell us about your feeding routine.
  • Are you currently giving special feeding considerations to an ailing cat? If so, what's the condition, and what food is he/she getting?
  • Do you believe in nutritional supplements for Kitty's diet? If so, which ones (and why)?
  • If obesity is a problem with your furry gang, how do you deal with it?
  • Nearly every commercial pet food manufacturer uses grain/corn as a significant ingredient in their foods, yet we hear some vets (and other groups) profess loudly that these are unquestionably bad for Kitty. Given that huge manufacturers probably build their foods from massive research, we have to allow a certain degree of credibility, and it's only fair to assume that not all of them (especially the larger companies) are merely profit-mongers who don't care about our pets. What's your take on this?
  • Do you feel that cats should be restricted to a single food, with no variations? If so (or not), why?
  • If your kitties are fed both canned and dry, are these fed separately, or do you mix them?
  • How long do you leave a plate of canned food out for them?
  • On a scale 1-to-10 (1 is least), how important is proper nutrition to a cat's long-term good health?

Okay, you get the picture. No frills, no guidelines.just give us your views on nutrition, your feeding habits/routines/problems/successes.

Mail your responses to: FeedBack (at) AssistFeed.com
(Please type our address into your email program. Thx.)

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